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Our Work

Deep Blue
Menu Design

Deep Blue, the country's fastest growing chain of Fish & Chip shops and restaurants, has engaged our hospitality team to launch new restaurants, design menus, manage ongoing customer communications and create prize promotions to build brand engagement and drive footfall.

Deliverables: Customer Communications; Store Launches; Footfall driving promotions; Menu Engineering and design; PR

Brand Identity

Accordus is a completely new building development brand imagined from the ground up including name ideation, creative & research, URL research & acquisition, logotype design, visual identity and website design & development.

Deliverables: Brand creation; CID; Website

Press For Excellence

Since 1993 we have been creating successful marketing campaigns for the world’s leading printing press manufacturer. Recently we have created Hei-Events, a web based Events Management system which has increased event attendance and reduced promotional costs.

Deliverables: Brand; Events; Press; Experiential and exhibitions.

Preserving Good Taste with Tiptree

In 2005 we created "The preserve of good taste" for Wilkin & Sons Ltd. and since then we've been campaigning their Tiptree brand on that creative proposition. Tiptree preserves are now recognised as the world's finest and our advertising has achieved legendary status in their market.

Deliverables: Brand; TV; Social Media; Adwords; GDN; Marketing;

Mecca Bingo Restaurant

Mecca Bingo utilised our hospitality and creative experience to help them trial a new menu in their largest new site, including a brand new photography and design style. The menu launched following a phase of considerable customer research and consultation and was designed using widely successful menu engineering techniques.

Deliverables: Research and Consumer Consultation; Menu Engineering and Design; Photography; In-Store Promotion


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