Is emotional advertising more effective?


Recent research from Australia using eye-tracking software backs up the claim that where advertising involves more senses and exposes the viewer to an emotional experience, then a more effective reaction is evoked leading to better and longer recall.

Ads that get strong reactions get 16% more attention.

Ads that get more attention generate over twice more sales impact.

Source: ThinkTV: Benchmark Series: Emotions & Advertising 2017.


“Emotions tend to have more impact than messages…”  “What is clear, is that emotional campaigns are considerably more effective, and in particular more profitable, than rational campaigns.”

Source: Binet, L. & Field, P. (2013) The Long and the Short of It. IPA.

The Emotional Profit Effect:

Emotional Profit 


In which media do ads evoke more emotion?

Emotional ads by media 

Asked which forms of advertising make them feel emotional, 58% of the UK said TV advertising. This dwarfed all other media.

Source: Ipsos Connect/Thinkbox, ‘TV Nation’, 2016.



Advertising on highly visible platforms is still more impactful than eliciting strong emotional reactions shown on less visible platforms, so rule 1: Visibility first, everything else second.

TV generates more active attention, however variances in attention are predominantly explained by screen coverage or visibility.  Emotions and other creative elements then add to the impact.

The Effectiveness of Alternative Platforms:

 Effectiveness of alternative platforms


If Media Platform can affect attention and cut through, could it also affect the rate of advertising memory decay?

“95% of our purchasing decisions take place subconsciously.” 

Professor Gerald Zaltman, Havard Business School.

As most advertising is not done at the point of purchase, retaining a brand in memory, and limiting its decay from memory is as crucial to impacting sales.

TV advertising memory retention is so strong that the impact on sales that it generates after 28 days is greater than what Facebook or Youtube can generate immediately after exposure.

TV advertising on TV screens can deliver impact on sales up to 109 days after exposure.

On average across all screen types, TV and BVOD averages a memory impact on sales of 55 days, compared to the Facebook and YouTube average of 7 days.

Source: ThinkTV: Benchmark Series: Viewability 2017.


Creative thinking...

Finally, most importantly, we'll create the video content that will engage your audience emotionally. Creativity is the magic ingredient at the heart of advertising’s power. Delivered at scale, it’s the biggest lever you can pull to drive advertising effectiveness. It makes brands famous, gets them talked about and boosts a campaign's efficiency.

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