By 2022 a third of all AV advertising will be addressable

Industry predictions suggest video consumption will grow around 10% over the next 5 years, and with a further fusion between linear TV and video on demand services, will provide the viewer with an even more tailored experience for both content and advertising. All TV and video platforms are implementing robust data strategies which will enable addressable advertising to grow to around 30% of all audio-visual advertising by 2022. As well as the existing offerings like Sky AdSmart there are new players and technology partners breaking onto the scene, even legacy operators like ITV are improving their addressable proposition with the launch of Planet V.

Sky have seen that 75% of AdSmart advertisers were new to TV or Sky Media, with regional advertisers and those targeting niche audiences first to take advantage of the new addressable opportunities. AdSmart allows advertisers to pick and choose from a range of attributes, with thousands of ways you can slice and dice them to reach your ideal viewer. With the measurement of impressions based on 75% or more of the commercial viewed at normal speed, it represents a low risk, low capital investment prospect for businesses and, more importantly with Sky's premium content, a safe environment for brands to be appreciated and flourish.


Viewers have embraced Video On Demand on all screen sizes. VOD platforms like ITV HUB, All4, My5, Sky on Demand, Sky Go, are all growing active users. 

With viewers having the choice to watch programmes ‘live’ or ‘later’, advertisers can follow the audience and extend where and when they introduce or repeat their video communication. For example, 63% choose to watch X Factor live, whilst 64% catch up with Love Island later. As more users register, and technology advances, audience selection and targeting are becoming more sophisticated too, now VOD is truly addressable TV, geo-targeting by region, by postcode sector, or even by town, together with diverse demographic and life stage options.

The key factor in successfull BVOD is the viewers acceptance of non-skippable advertising to allow free access to premium quality content, delivering around a 50% increase in purchase intent compared to skippable ads.* 

Your brand in front of your potential customers at manageable investment levels?

That’s where addressable TV comes in. We'll put together a bespoke proposal, tailored for your business either as a tactical project or as part of a more strategic marketing plan.

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* Nielsen US video impact study.


On Demand definitions:

VOD (Video on demand) 

A service that allows viewers to watch video content wherever and whenever they choose, rather than at the scheduled broadcast time.

SVOD (Subscription VOD)

A video content service for which the user pays a subscription for e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.

BVOD (Broadcaster VOD)

A video content service delivered by a broadcaster, typically funded by advertising and therefore free to the user.

AVOD (Ad-supported VOD)

A video content service that is funded by advertising. This includes video services that are free to the user and those that offer a subscription fee as well as showing ads. Broadcaster VOD services that are funded by advertising are included in this, but also YouTube etc.

TVOD (Transactional VOD)

A video content service where customers pay for each piece of video on demand content. For example, a customer would pay a fee for each movie or TV show that they watch.

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