Harry Ramsden’s has seen a lot of change since it was established in 1928, particularly to its logo and overall brand identity. Most recently, the trademark red Harry Ramsden’s signature had been replaced with a Blue and White blocky logo in an attempt to make it more relevant to a younger audience. We felt this missed a trick! The younger audience that Harry’s felt it was missing out on, are looking for something authentic, original and honest, as does everyone else!

We began by looking at previous Harry Ramsden’s signature logos, convinced we needed to journey back to this iconic and recognisable design and reinstate it in a way that felt traditional and steeped in historical nostalgia. The end result is something, not too distant from the longest standing signature logo, as we felt this had the highest customer recall and the most sentimentality.

We also wanted to introduce some variation to the logo and include a monogram and roundel that could be used on Menus, Packaging and Social Media platforms.

We are extremely proud to have played a pivotal role in the renovation of Harry Ramsden’s brand identity and feel confident that this will help bring Harry Ramsden’s back into the hearts of the British public.

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