When is best to engage with your customers?

You've spent years building relationships with your 'loyal' customers, inviting them to innumerable 'VIP, Man from the Factory, Red Carpet and Golden Ticket' events only to have them snatched at the final close by a disruptor who's offered a slightly better price from your fellow brand retailer in the next town.

"What? - We could have matched that price and done that deal! Whatever happened to customer loyalty? We've looked after them all these years but why didn't they buy from us again? Where did we go wrong?"

The first thing to acknowledge is that there is no such thing as a 'loyal customer', not in today's open market where everyone has online access to all the offers and can pick the one that suits them, even if it's at the other end of the country.

And you probably didn't do anything wrong - you just didn't do enough right!

They may be loyal to the 'brand' but it doesn't necessarily mean they are loyal to you, the retailer. And don't ever think that because you invite them to all your sales events offering upgrades and discounts that this is 'customer communication', because it's not! 

Identifying your 'in-market' customers and then keeping them in your sales funnel right through to purchase requires planning. A genuine integrated customer communication strategy together with a robust set of 'in-market' tactics to maintain their presence throughout the purchase process means you'll 'retain and gain' more customers.

Ongoing engagement builds genuine loyalty over time and will result in you being at the top of the 'consideration' list ahead of your competitors. A typical programme would include relevant and targeted video, social media, email, SMS etc., - and not just stuff about sales and service. Provide them with useful information and invite them to non-sales events. Never let them feel that you are always desparate to 'close' them.

But this is just the beginning!   

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