The pursuit of data will hurt your customers

Your email looks great and it's gained her attention, she's clicked through and now she's confronted by your enquiry form, which runs to a page, looks like a tax return and asks everything from her email address, which you clearly already have, current make & model, which you should know, and then a whole raft of unnecessary stuff...   and now you've lost her!


I know it's important to qualify the customer but not at step one!

Make your enquiry form as simple as possible. Pre-populate as much as you can, give them confidence that you know who they are and that you understand them. Then all they have to do is click the "I'd love to" box and you're onto a winner. Leave qualification to the next call or even better, the appointment. 

There is a subtle, but very distinct, difference between you thinking this person is one of your customers and them considering themselves to be one of your customers. The subtle difference is loyalty and it's not something that you can acheive by sending them a "Loyal Customer" mailing every time you need to convert another dozen deals at the end of Q2 to avoid a batch of painful pre-registrations!

Loyalty is earned over time, by regular engagement, without the desperation of closing a deal. I am not saying it's easy or even cheap, but it is essential if you want to build long term customer relationships, which will make your life easier with each passing year.

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