Increasing Event Attendance and Boosting Sales

The issue

Furrows Group hold a number of customer sales events each year. Over the years they have used various 'events' companies to host and manage these events using digital portals. Whilst the results can be good, the cost per event has become prohibitive. This has meant that, at a time when more events are required to help boost business, less have been booked and this has had a detrimental effect on sales. It has also meant that smaller, more intimate events have not been viable due to the initial set-up costs demanded by the events companies.

The solution

The MVad digital team designed and built a bespoke events portal for Furrows Group which enables them to host and manage as many events, large and small, as they wish, without the need for costly external support and with no incremental cost to the business. Each event can have its own unique design and can be managed independently. Customer data is uploaded and can be allocated to each individual sales team member, all of whom have their own log-ins and can manage their appointment diary.

The management team have over-riding Admin log-ins which enable them to have access an overview of each event and how individual sales team members are performing, from initial appointment setting right through to the final deal.

The Result

A number of events have been held already and a recent Golden Ticket event, hosted across three centres, resulted in over 80 incremental sales.

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