Keeping customers
tuned to your brand

Automotive retailers have been caught in the middle of a shit sandwich for many years now with pressure from their brands to deliver ever increasing numbers, and from customers to reduce prices. Now, with the addition of online disruptors, dealer groups have an even greater opportunity to reduce margins, increase costs, abandon customer service and deliver a reduced bottom line. 
So what's the answer? Stand up to the brands and demand more realistic targets with improved margins? Push customers to pay higher prices? Increase reliance on 'add-ons' for margin? Ignore the disruptors?
With the growth in disruptors everyone now knows the price of everything and the value of nothing! Customer service has become a 'victim of volume' and that can only be bad for everyone involved. 
Dealers are now delivering on the traditional consumer expectation of poor customer service and disinterest. The pressure on the dealer in unrelenting. And then add EV, new government legislation etc. into the mix and you're in the centre of a shit-storm!
This is where we can help.
We deliver well structured marketing programmes which compliment the manufacturer programmes and include ongoing customer engagement through social media and email marketing; video and audio communication through targeted addressable TV; digital and broadcast audio; social and sales events planned & managed through our bespoke digital portal; all of which will ensure that your customers stay tuned to your brand throughout the ownership process and on into the renewal funnel for conversion. 
We are equally happy to work on a project or retained basis but before you make any commitment we will spend some time understanding your business, your culture and your objectives. A conversation costs nothing so why not give me a call and tell me what you want to achieve. You'll know within minutes if I can bring something to the party. 

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