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MVad has been delivering creative and cost-effective marketing solutions for a diverse range of clients since 1985. 

We are an integrated marketing agency with an experienced team of marketing and communication professionals including, copywriters, art directors, designers, web developers, media planners and buyers.

Our sole purpose is to build our client's brands and make them famous. 

By cleverly combining ‘insight-inspired’ creativity and ‘research-driven’ media we build communication strategies that are on target and budget. 

It’s art and science working in perfect harmony, delivering results for our clients, day after day, year after year. 

Building Brands

If it's not a brand, it's a commodity!

Your brand is your most valuable asset because it's what enables your customers to identify with you and differentiate you from your competitors. 

Keeping it relevant and vibrant in this constantly evolving consumer and media landscape is imperative. 

Working in partnership with our clients we've been helping build and maintain their brands since 1985.

Salient, research-based insight, clear positioning and an 'on-point' marketing strategy, supported by powerful creative messaging will ensure your customers are activated to engage with your brand, time and time again. 

From initial design and creation of new brands, through to re-positioning and maintenance of established favourites, we have the experience and skill-set to help brands stay front of mind with customers and ahead of their competition. 

No-one wants their brand to be relegated to commodity!    

Ideas Factory

Great creative is 95% perspiration and 5% inspiration. 

There is little point lighting the creative touch-paper until the research has been analysed, the insight has been challenged and the proposition has been tested and confirmed. 

You need to be confident that your creative team is inspired by your product, understands your market, empathises with your customers and is totally in touch with the general zeitgeist. 

And then, BOOM!  It happens. 

Not just great ideas for today, but a campaign theme for years to come, engaging your customers and building your brand.  

Creative Print

Print is dead, long live print! 

The digital world has changed our relationship with print beyond all recognition. 

However, whilst a promotional email may be consigned to junk with a single mouse click, a beautifully designed, scripted, photographed and printed direct mail item, delivered courtesy of Her Majesty's Royal Mail, will be opened, studied and retained for future action. 

Creative print, when thoughtfully produced, then delivered with care and attention is still one of the most potent marketing mechanisms at our disposal.  Engagement grows as clutter declines but personalisation is the key to success.  

Digital Design

Good design, much like bad design, says everything about your brand.  

We believe good design is a given, but when creating for the digital space additional disciplines apply, making the process even more exacting. 

Our digital design team totally understand the dynamics of the digital world and are adept at creating high-impact, response-generating concepts that position your brand and drive traffic.

Keeping it relevant and vibrant in this constantly evolving consumer and media landscape is imperative. 

vision & sound

Video is king! 

Gone are the days when TV and video was only for the national mega brands. With so many delivery channels now available even the smallest brands can gain traction using the power of video advertising. 

Internet broadcasting on YouTube, VOD (video-on-demand) and many other platforms, plus Sky Adsmart and even ITV micro regions means that TV is within reach of every brand with aspirations of success.

We have written, produced, filmed, edited and delivered hundreds of hours of professional creative video for use on TV, on-line, at conferences and for corporates. 

We understand all the processes required in order to achieve Clearcast approval and UK national TV Broadcast compliance. 

We remove all the obstacles to getting your message across using the worlds’ influential and fastest growing medium – video!


Salient,  research-based insight, clear positioning and an 'on-point' marketing  strategy, supported by powerful creative messaging will ensure your  customers are activated to engage with your brand, time and time again. 

Standout Exhibitions

Exhibitions and events are an excellent opportunity for your customers to engage with your brand, trial your products and experience your culture. 

Your brand's physical presence is a direct reflection of your positioning therefore needs to be treated with careful consideration. 

The design and dynamics of the space, the promotional mechanisms chosen to drive attendance and the people representing your company all directly affect the customer's perception of your brand. 

We have created and delivered successful exhibitions and events for many clients in a wide range of sectors including retail, automotive, industrial and scientific.


we have lift off

If you want to raise awareness, increase sales, drive traffic or extend social engagement for your brand then we have the team to make that happen. 

Working together in a strategic and creative partnership we will collaborate with you and your marketing team to deliver on your objectives. 

We'll take the time to understand your culture, your customers and your market and dig deep to understand the emotions that will deliver new customers and the triggers that really motivate your staff. 

In short, our team is your team, and together we'll make your brand famous.

When you're on board we'll prepare for lift-off... the sky's the limit! 

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